Capture your Music Moments

You know these moments, when your music hits the sweet spot of your mood and situation? When it’s the perfect track and you feel like in a movie? With Groovecat you now can capture these music moments. Just take a video in the app and Groovecat automatically underscores it with the song currently playing on your streaming service or in the environment.


Listen to your friends’ Music Moments

When you check out your friends’ Music Moments, Groovecat will play the song directly from your streaming service without having to switch between apps. Filter music by location, emotion or artist and discover music in a totally new way. Directly save the tracks in your streaming services’ Groovecat-playlist in just one click.


Create the Soundtrack of your Life

Never forget the songs you always connect to certain places. Create your personal musical photo album: the Soundtrack of your Life.


Share your Music Moments

Start capturing your Music Moments now!

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