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Why should I use Groovecat?

With Groovecat you can capture your digital Music Moments, your musical photo album or as we like to call it: the soundtrack of your life. We’ve created Groovecat so you can relive your special moments years later and your memories wouldn’t disappear amongst all the footage in your photo roll. On top of that, Music Moments of other Groovecat users can inspire you to find new cool songs. You can save them straight to a Spotify playlist without leaving the app.

What are the benefits of Groovecat compared to other platforms?

Groovecat combines what you hear, what you see and how you feel. We’ve realized how overpowering it can be to have access to anything, anytime, anywhere. Or to browse through the vast amounts of pictures and videos in our photo roll or the 45 million songs on our streaming providers. Hence, Groovecat is a place for your very special moments and memories.

When using Groovecat you might notice how quick and easy it is to capture Music Moments.
Instead of staging a perfect video in retrospect you can capture the situation authentically just the way you’ve perceived it. It’s up to you if you share your content with friends or record them for your private collection. We’ll promise you this: it’s truly magical to scroll through your selection of Music Moments and relive past situations. Pinky promise.

Which streaming services is Groovecat compatible with and do I need a premium account of my streaming service?

You can use Groovecat with Spotify and Apple Music. The free version of your streaming service is enough to watch and record Music Moments, even though you’ll be hearing the song preview instead of the exact part the moment was captured in.

What happens with my data?

First thing: your data are safe with us. We have our servers in Germany and are committed to not pass on any personal information to unauthorised third parties. As Groovecat is free of cost for you, we have to earn our money somehow. We do so by recommending suitable music for advertising agencies, movie directors, brands or game developers. While your Music Moments improve our music recommendations for you and our customers, they will be processed anonymously at all times. 


What are the benefits for musicians?

As a musician, you can visualize your own music and use Music Moments to tell stories about your songs. Groovecat also allows you to generate plays and sales directly, as it is connected to the streaming service of each individual user. This means that every clicked music moment for 30 seconds or more is a play on Spotify. Since your songs can also be saved directly in the playlists, you can reach new fans via the music moments and easily reach their playlists.

Sometimes Groovecat gets stuck, crashes or doesn't play any songs.

As you might have noticed already, Groovecat isn’t 100% finished yet. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to launch the app already and improve it together with your help. The following 4 tips might help you in most cases:

  • Update to the latest version in the App or Play Store
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Closing and restarting the app sometimes works wonders 🙂
  • If nothing works: briefly delete and reinstall the app. Don’t worry, of course your Music Moments will stay connected to your account.
My videos are pixelated, why?

This is probably because you are an Android user. Our Android version is still in beta and therefore not yet fully developed. We’re working on it, have a little patience.

Why are my videos sometimes not being uploaded?

Sometimes your videos won’t upload properly because, at this stage, you need a good Internet or Wi-Fi connection to share your Music Moments. We’re currently working on a feature to cache music moments offline and upload them as soon as you get good Internet connection.