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Markus Schwarzer

Markus Schwarzer


Business Administration & Marketing

Jakob Höflich

Jakob Höflich


Business Communication & Consulting

Joshua Weikert

Joshua Weikert


Product Manager, Digital Media & Webdesign

Carina Reil

Carina Reil


Social Media, PR und Corporate Communications

Laurin Quast

Laurin Quast

Full Stack Developer

iOS & Android, React Native & Node.js

Roman Gebhardt

Roman Gebhardt

Data Scientist

Pyhthon, tensorflow & MATLAB


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Front End Developer

• Full Time

• in Remote & Mannheim

• with React Native & Node.js

• Objective C & Java Experience

UI/UX Designer

• Part-Time

• in Mannheim


• Full-time

• in Berlin

• Marketing & Social Media

• Event Organization


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Moments with feelswithcaps – dancing to an electro pop diary

Helsinki-based band feelswithcaps puts the incoming wave of winter depression on hold – a six song lasting dance of pure electro pop. But along with sophisticated synth-sounds come vocals full of Nordic melancholy and: feels. Feels of longing, love, loneliness. A full...

Making new friends: Interview with Tim from German music blog Pickymagazine

We've been in contact with Tim from the music blog Pickymagazine for quite some time now after meeting each other in our digital bubbles. Tim likes Groovecat and we like Tim's music blog, easy as that. So it happened that we finally met in August, when Tim, actually...

Press Release: CYANITE: Making emotions within songs visible with artificial intelligence

CYANITE: Making emotions within songs visible with artificial intelligence The award-winning team from German music-startup Groovecat releases the first freely accessible application that visualizes the emotional profile of songs based on artificial intelligence. This...

A street, a piano & headphones – »Sit Down for a Music Moment« w Michael Nickel

  City life can be busy, loud and make us feel a little restless. So we organized an e-piano, headphones, a chair and sat down pianist and composer Michael Nickel, who allows his listeners to dream for a while. Would you give yourself 5 minutes and join him?  Most of...

#5 A design gun joined the crew – Sujing, Communication Designer

欢迎 Sujing! Our new creative powerhouse aka graphic designer with an amazing Far Eastern style came on board today. Her mission: upgrading our visual appearance above Tamagotchi level. Hailing from Hangzhou (杭州) over Fachhochschule Potsdam straight into the hearts of...

How we use music to regulate our emotions in everyday life

Music listening is an integral and oftentimes purposeful activity in our daily lives. We listen to particular tracks in order to change our current emotional state or in order to maintain it. How we react to a particular song not only depends on the musical attributes...

Grande Party at the BMWi – Award ceremony of the Kultur- & Kreativpiloten 2018

After already having been announced title holder as one of 32 "Kultur- & Kreativpiloten" last November, the whole Groovecat team and all the other amazing projects came together at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to celebrate the creative industry -...

5 incredible Music Moments in Movies – Groovecat Staff Favorites

We all know them: those songs that take great movie scenes to another level. They can give you goosebumps - or sometimes even a deeper meaning to what is happening on screen. Before you’ll be busy exploring this years cinematographic highlights, glitter and glamour at...

#4 The Groovecat team is growing – Jacob, UX/UI Designer

We did it again -  we've extended our team. As wide-ranged as the Späti of your dreams, Jacob has a wide-spread skill set from UX/UI & Graphic Design, Marketing and Photography. So from day one on, he'll support us to design the newest exciting, fun and useful app...

Business Punk features some of this year’s Kultur- & Kreativpiloten

  Business Punk writes about how to found a business away from the mainstream and introduces four of this year's Kultur- und Kreativpiloten we can count ourselves among. A really well written, fast to read and funny feature... It was in November that we first got to...

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