Our Story

Groovecat is a music-tech startup from Berlin and Mannheim that aims to connect the dots between music industry, social media and new technologies. The platform for Music Moments is an opportunity to communicate through personal music experience and create meaningful content.


The three founders Markus, Jakob and Josh met at Germany’s renowned public school for music business, the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, in 2016. Coming from different background (business & label management, communications and IT), they found an answer to the question: how can music be shared online in a way that benefits listeners, artists and labels alike?

The way how music is shared today, misses a crucial factor: the environment it is consumed in. Why can people only share album covers and forward single songs but not really describe the circumstances they are in when experiencing the musical piece? Or even more: the feeling connected to listening this song?

So Groovecat was born: an app for Music Moments, this feeling when a song hits the sweet spot and perfectly fits to your mood and situation.

After almost 2 years of prototyping, developing and testing, Groovecat was launched in September 2018 and today, with a growing team, follows a clear vision:
To establish Music Moments as an universal language that will connect people through their individual and shared music experience.

Award-winner Kultur- & Kreativpiloten 2018

Looking back on our 2018 at Groovecat