We’ve been in contact with Tim from the music blog Pickymagazine for quite some time now after meeting each other in our digital bubbles. Tim likes Groovecat and we like Tim’s music blog, easy as that. So it happened that we finally met in August, when Tim, actually based in Hannover, visited us in our Berlin office.

The result is what we think is a really nice interview, in which you can find out some background information about our history, who our Groovecat influencers and what our next steps are. You can read the full interview here. Oh yes, it’s in German. But you can do that! Otherwise, just write to us.

But also make sure to check out his blog, follow Tim on Facebook and Instagram, because: he has a damn good taste in music and always digs up pretty good (indie) gems.

In that sense, stay foolish, stay picky.

P.S. Every month, Tim releases a monthly playlist via his Spotify account. Dig in his August tunes below.