City life can be busy, loud and make us feel a little restless. So we organized an e-piano, headphones, a chair and sat down pianist and composer Michael Nickel, who allows his listeners to dream for a while. Would you give yourself 5 minutes and join him? 

Most of us tend to be a little hesitant towards strange encounters outside of our comfort zone. So we were more than excited that so many people in the streets of Prenzlauer Berg explored the unknown and sat down for a Music Moment. 

There’s this indescribable feeling putting on these headphones and a talented musician starts playing the first few keys, just for you. The city and the troubles of the day are finally muted for a while and you have a few moments just filled with music. Honest conversations and heartfelt hugs at the end of those mini sessions spoke for itself: music can make a huge difference and connects. Needless to say this calls for a second edition.

This musical pause for breath was the icing on the cake of a week-long MICHAEL NICKEL x GROOVECAT cooperation. In 10 beautiful Music Moments on Groovecat, Michael shared how he views the world around him along his own songs and what other artists spark his work as a musician. As a pretty side effect, Micha’s compositions found their way into 10 user playlists.  

Instagram:  michaelnickel_
Groovecat: nickelmicha