After already having been announced title holder as one of 32 “Kultur- & Kreativpiloten” last November, the whole Groovecat team and all the other amazing projects came together at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to celebrate the creative industry – “the icing on the cake of the market economy”, as minister Peter Altmaier puts it.

Within the Start-Up Night der Kreativen and the motto #bessermachen it was all about people who show initiative by asking: “what can be done better?”  – and we’re more than honored to be part of this year’s selection.  

Before and after the official award ceremony full of great laudatios, presentations and panel discussions, we’ve shared our idea of the app and vision of Music Moments as a universal language at our nice little stand where we’ve got some high-ranking visit. In case you’re curious what it looked like, here’s a short Aftermovie. If Markus wasn’t already so invested in Groovecat, he’d surely make a charming TV host (or weatherman ;).

It’s been such an eventful day that it’s hard to pick some highlights. So here’s just a fine selection, the crème de la crème:

  • Minister Peter Altmaier visiting our stand and having a chat with Joshua, Jakob, and Markus. We’ve tried to find out his most memorable Music Moments but couldn’t get it out of him. Must have been a real guilty pleasure, we don’t have a better explanation 😉
  • Pitching the Groovecat vision in a former ballroom in front of all the guests – and young Angela Merkel and 2Pac majorly impressed watching from the ceiling. 
  • Coming together as (almost) the whole Groovecat team and celebrate as we usually work from our two bases Mannheim & Berlin. We were spreading the love and raiding the buffet altogether, real #teamspirit. 
  • Sharing the space with so many other inspiring projects like mimycri, Weserholz or Companion2Go that filled the room with a sense of ingenuity, will-power, confidence, and creativity. 

Thanks to minister Peter Altmaier, Kultur- & Kreativpiloten and the the U-Institut for supporting young entrepreneurs in the creative industry and making such a nice evening possible. And to all our Groovecats out capturing Music Moments every single day – we wouldn’t be here without you <3