Our take on social media, soundtracks and Whitney Houston

Our friends from The Venue Berlin invited us to share Groovecat’s vision on their podcast „Hello, Audio“.  So we explained why Groovecat is missing in today’s app landscape and what the individual soundtrack of your life has to do with it. We’re happy to be part of this format that already gave a stage to inspiring companies like Melodrive and Soundbrenner.

In times of fast content and click baiting, we find it important to create a space for high quality and meaningful content. As The Venue Berlin framed it perfectly: „We all have a soundtrack to our memories. Happy time, sad time, coming of age, falling in love, traveling abroad.“ Primarily, Groovecat is a tool for individuals to appreciate these Music Moments and to make them last. On top of that, we’re growing a community of music lovers. Now we’re all about engaging even more with our users and enabling more social interaction.

Click here and listen to the whole episode to see what we’re up to!

Thanks for having us and till next time.