1,500 active users on music app Groovecat one month after official launch and first exciting partners

Mannheim/Berlin, 04.09.2018 – Groovecat, the new app for Music Moments, has been officially released in the App Stores on 06 August. 1,500 users have already captured 1,750 Music Moments with Groovecat, creating their own musical photo albums. The social network, which combines elements from social media and music streaming in a new way, is used by SONY Music for their own playlist. In order to be able to offer users an even better in-app experience soon, Groovecat recently joined forces with the audio communication department of the TU Berlin for data analysis.

With the new Groovecat app, you can capture your own Musical Moments – that feeling when the music is perfectly suited to your mood and surroundings. Each video recorded in the app is automatically underlaid with the song that a user is listening to via his streaming service. The result is audiovisual Music Moments that users can capture for themselves as the “soundtrack of their lives” and share with their friends on the platform. With just one click, a song from a Music Moment can be saved in a Spotify playlist. Groovecat not only stands for a new combination of music streaming and social media but also for discovering music through authentic and emotional moments.

The app launch was accompanied by the southwest German radio station bigFM and its 2.4 million daily listeners. Of the 1,500 registered users, 100 now go to Groovecat every day and have already posted a total of 1,750 Music Moments on the platform. SONY Music is also on board to give the in-house playlist Filtr Germany a face and to win new listeners via the technical integration of Spotify: because each clicked Music Moment in Groovecat automatically generates plays on Spotify. Samira Leitmannstetter, Director Artist & Editorial Brands Development SONY Music, comments: “We see many application possibilities for SONY Music on Groovecat, welcome the new combination of social media and music streaming and are looking forward to experimenting with a whole new form of musical storytelling”.

The unique data set will help Groovecat in the future to create emotional profiles of individual pieces of music, which users can use to suggest the right music for every situation and mood within seconds. Groovecats data can also be used in the future to select music for audiovisual content in feature films, TV or commercials. Groovecat will soon be supported in structuring and evaluating the new combination of data points by the Audio Communication Department of the TU Berlin. The TU Berlin hopes to gain new insights into the influence of the listening situation on the emotional impact of music. Groovecat is delighted to be working with one of the most renowned music research institutions in Europe.

Markus Schwarzer, CEO of Groovecat, about the next steps: “Primarily, we are currently working on further expanding our organic, loyal user base and implementing the next features together with it. The focus is on features that contribute to Groovecat’s natural growth, such as sharing moments on direct messaging platforms like Telegram”.

Background to Groovecat

Groovecat was founded in 2016 by Jakob Höflich, Markus Schwarzer and Joshua Weikert at the Popakademie Baden Württemberg, from which stars such as Alice Merton, Joris and the socks startup von Jungfeld emerged. The founding team has already been on stage at the largest music fair in the world, the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin and the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, and has also been through the Music WorX Accelerator in Hamburg. For the App-Launch it was supported by bigFM, one of the biggest private radio stations in Germany. In December, the stepUSA programme will take the team to New York.

Groovecat is financed by the investment fund Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim GmbH, which supports technology-oriented and creative startups with venture capital, and the business angel Dr. Andrea Kranzer. In addition Groovecat is supported by the Mannheim start-up promotion Startup Mannheim.

The idea for Groovecat came to the three founders during their master’s studies because as music lovers they always linked special life situations with music. But especially on their travels – at that time still equipped with a digital camera and iPod – there was no way to capture these moments.

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