Groovecat as part of the UNESCO City of Music Mannheim With Josh only one-third of our team is from Mannheim, but nevertheless, the city has a very firm place in all our hearts. Not only because it is the birthplace and stronghold of Groovecat, but because we would never be where we are today without the help of the entire Mannheim-based actors such as the Creative Commission, Startup Mannheim, Matthias Rauch or Sonja Wilkens, the Popakademie and their unique students. The great article by Tobi Breier, with whom we almost couldn’t stop exchanging, tells about our beginnings, our visions, our team and the connection between Mannheim and Groovecat. Julia Kleiner and Nadja Capellmann from Stadtmarketing Mannheim and responsible for the whole issue of the Stadtmagazin Mannheim, also made sure that we got our first real photo shoot. Here you can go directly to the innovative online version of the full issue, finally print is no longer mirrored one to one. Thank you Mannheim, we really love you.